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Nukazuke Pickles (糠漬け)

(Basic Nukazuke / Image)

Nuka pickles are relatively easy to make and result in a unique pungent earthiness. The key to a successful nuka pot is that the mash needs to be mixed up daily. If left ignored it will begin to mold.
Basic Nukazuke

* 3 kg. nuka rice bran
* 500 grams salt
* 9 - 10 cups water or beer
* 5 dried red chili peppers (aka togarashi)
* 1 piece kombu
* 150 grams of vegetable scraps (cabbage skins, daikon greens, or any watery leaf)

Combine the ingredients into a large pot. The mash should feel like the soft spot of your earlobe, so adjust the amount of liquid accordingly. Keep the lidded pot in a cool place and stir daily for four days. On the fourth day remove the vegetable scraps, leaving the kombu in the pot. Thoroughly wash any vegetable you will pickle and put into the pot. Note that the vegetables do not need to be peeled. The amount of time for the vegetables to pickle will vary from pot to pot. Two to three days is the average for most vegetables. Almost any vegetable can be put into the nuka pot. When serving the pickles thoroughly rinse the bran off with cold water and cut into bite size pieces.
(Nukazuke Pickles (糠漬け) / Image)

Popular vegetables for the nuka pot are Japanese cucumbers, daikon, carrots, Japanese radishes, and greens such as the leaves from the daikon. Anthony has found great success with sunchokes, parsnips, and watermelon radish. These are a nice contrast for his chicken liver mousse.


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